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Yoga Challenge Day 02

The first challenge today was to get up in time to be at the 6:00 am class. It was hard to get out of bed, but once I was up I had no trouble getting ready and got to my class even a bit early. (It helped that I had everything packed the night before.)

I had tried a Hip Opening Flow class a few months ago and found it too hard then. I could not keep up with the class and my back hurt after the class. So it’s with some degree of trepidation that I started the class.

It turns out I did much better this time. I was able to keep up through most of the class (I did take a pass on a couple of them near the end). My back did not hurt and I felt really good at the end. The main problem I had was not having enough strength to hold some of the lunges and maintain stability in the tree pose. I can see myself getting past this fairly soon.

So I am feeling pretty good about this so far. Tomorrow is another early class, but I am looking forward to it.