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Beware of Limiting Beliefs

Shane Crawford (@shanezilla) wrote a good article on the importance of your mindset, especially if you are a solo app developer.

I see limiting beliefs all of the time while out in the wild-lands of the internet. Phrases such as, “I can’t do anything about it”, “it’s not possible to succeed on the App Store”, “only free apps have a chance” or “developers are at the mercy of Apple for promotion”. These are all limiting beliefs. Sure, they might seem to have the ring of truth but it is your attitude in how you approach those obstacles that will determine your success and ultimately your personal happiness.

You can add to that:

  • "I can't be as successful as developer XYZ because I don't have as many Twitter followers / visitors to my blog / reviews from popular sites / money to spend on marketing"
  • "There are already too many apps that do XYZ."
  • "Nobody wants to pay for an XYZ app.

I fully agree with Shane, especially with this advice:

Pay attention to your feelings and attitudes towards obstacles. Identify limiting beliefs and work to correct them.

What you consider an obstacle can often be turned into a challenge, an opportunity or even an advantage. I believe that many developers fail to succeed in the App Store because of their limiting mindset.