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3D Virtual Desktop on Kickstarter

I came across the 3D Virtual Desktop in the app store a few months ago and bought the app right away. I have been looking for an app to help manage encounters for our D&D games for some time. This app did not accomplish what I needed, but was a step in the right direction. I was hoping the developer would keep working on it and eventually implement the features I thought were missing.

Well the good news is the developer is still working on it. The bad news is that he has not been making enough money off of it to fund the features it needs to be really useful. So he's using Kickstarter to fund it.

I like the direction he is taking the app. He is using Unity in order to both iOS and Android. I like this. I am the lone iPad owner in a group of Android gamers, but we could all use the same app and share access to the map.

The project is funded for the basic features, but there are some nice stretch goals to reach. My personal favorites are:

  • Line of sight / fog of war
  • Naming / numbering of miniatures
  • Loading and saving of pre-prepared scenarios / encounters
  • Condition markers
  • Area of effect for spells etc

Something I don't see in the list that would be great is the ability to mirror to a monitor / TV (air play?). Our game host has a nice big TV screen where we could all look at the map instead of looking down at each of our tablet views (this would also make it useful for players who do not have a tablet). I will reach out to the developers to see what they think.

Meanwhile, if you play a desktop RPG I encourage you to make a pledge to this project. This has the potential to be a really awesome app.