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Four extra inches of hard wood

I just got four extra inches of hard wood, and it feels great![1] …or at least it did until this morning.

As I am writing this post, my lower back is in spasm again. On the eve of a three day conference to boot. Not a happy coder today. Whine, whine, whine, whine…

I have been having back problems for years, mostly due to my sedentary lifestyle and poor posture when I work. I have recently been taking steps to be more active and improve my posture at work with a treadmill desk.[2] It is definitely helping, but I am still prone to hurting my back. So I try to be careful with my posture in other activities, but it isn’t always easy.

For example, I like cooking. Especially on the week-end, when I have a bit more time. I like to cook big batches of food that I can freeze and then serve during the week (or busy week-ends). Problem is that I am a tall fellow (6 feet) and most kitchen counters aren’t built for tall people. So when I have to a lot of food prep on the counter, I end up spending a lot of time bent over forward. Which isn’t good posture. Which tends to trigger back spasms. As it did recently. Whine, whine, whine, whine…

Last week-end, while shopping for a new skillet I came across a nice selection of wood cutting boards. One in particular caught my eye.

John Boos and Company maple cutting board
John Boos and Company maple cutting board

At four inches high, it was the thickest chopping block I have ever seen[3]. Could this board be the solution to my posture problem? I thought it was worth trying out.

Well, I was not disappointed. This cutting board puts the food at exactly the right hight for me on our kitchen counter.

4" high chopping board

As you can see, I can prepare food standing up straight. Compare that with my old cutting board:

Regular size chopping board
Regular size chopping board

The cutting board I purchased is made by John Boos and Company in the USA. They make a wide selection of cutting boards of different heights. You are likely to find one that does the trick for you.

Now those big cutting boards are not cheap, but if you’re tall and your back is troubling you, you may find this a good investment. I know my back problems are not over yet but I think this cutting board will help reduce their frequency.


  1. Sorry, I couldn’t resist the cheeky innuendo.  ↩

  2. Get it? Taking steps… Treadmill… Yeah, I know, if you have to explain it, its not funny.  ↩

  3. I guess I should get out more…  ↩