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Failure to Launch

NOTE: I have been hesitating to publish this post for some time. I am new to blogging and unused to sharing personal and difficult parts of my life online. But I have decided to take the plunge, inspired by many other tech bloggers, but most recently by Joshua Nozzi's post. As difficult it was to write, I also found the experience to be cathartic. So you can expect to see more personal posts in the future.

2012 was supposed to be the year I would publish my first iPhone app. I knew what I wanted to build. I bought development books, marketing books, training videos and development tools. I listened to a slew of developer podcasts for motivation and guidance. I did not write the app.

I turned a room in our house into a proper office, taking out all the stuff that was not business related, put in decent shelving, desk, chair. I installed a ceiling fan to help ventilation when the afternoon sun hits the office window. I installed better blinds. But I did not write the app.

I started this blog, but did not follow through with it. I went to WWDC (still with no app). I did meet a few developers, but did not maintain contact with them. I went to many sessions, came back home with the WWDC plague, but motivated. Yet I did not write my app.

I created a new corporation for my software business, bought the domain name, Twitter and Facebook accounts, created a Linked in page.

On a handful of occasions, I started writing the app, but never got it to a state where it could be useful. I did not build momentum. I did not stay focused. I did not build the app.

So why did I not build the bloody app? I spent the year doing everything except the most important step to reach my goal. Oh, there were lots of reasons. I had many excuses (many of them valid too). As a matter of fact I left a very good job two years ago so I could tackle the same problems which are still keeping me from reaching my goal.

What are these problems? That will be the subject of many future posts. For now I will say that the most important problem has to do with my health. I has become clear over the past year that unless I make significant progress in overcoming my current health issues I will end up spending 2013 working on small peripheral tasks but will still not be shipping my app.

So near the end of 2012 I made some lifestyle changes that have put me on the right track. I can already feel the improvements. More details in upcoming posts…

So here’s to 2013, the year I get fit, the year I get my groove back, the year I ship my first app.