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30 day yoga challenge

I have decided to challenge myself for the month of May and join a 30 day yoga challenge (30 yoga classes in 30 days). I expect that this will challenge me in two ways. First, the obvious one: the physical challenge of doing an hour of hot yoga each day. The second challenge will be to make this fit into my schedule. It is a time commitment of about 2 hours every day (60 to 75 minutes of actual yoga + changing and commute).

I also decided to take on this challenge because it will soon be a year since I bought a one year unlimited subscription at a local hot yoga studio. I initially thought that I would go at least twice a week, which is what I needed to make it worth the cost of the subscription. Turns out I have been going at most twice a week. Usually once or not at all. So before I decided whether to renew my unlimited subscription I wanted to see if I could sustain going more often and attend more than the Yin style classes I have been limiting myself to.

I typically really enjoy the classes, but the studio's schedule for the classes I wanted to take (Yin yoga) made it difficult to go every week because they are during family time. I have tried the other classes early on but found them overwhelming.

However, since I started last year my fitness level has significantly improved. I have been doing strength training twice a week and I am much stronger. My flexibility has also improved. So I think that if I can successfully complete the 30 day challenge I will know that it is worth renewing my unlimited membership. I won't have to go every day but I want to go at least 3 times a week.

I plan to write some short posts every day to monitor / keep track of how Im doing.