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Yoga Challenge Day 17

Today was a significant milestone for me. I was able to keep up and do all the exercises for the entire duration of the class. This is a big deal for me since up until now I had only managed to keep up for the first 35-40 minutes, and then had rest for the remainder of the class (which are 60 to 75 minutes). It looks like going every day is starting to pay off in a more tangible way.

I am excited to keep going for the remainder of this 30 challenge. I am curious to see how far I will get!

Yoga Challenge Day 13

OK, I haven’t been able to keep up with the blogging part. That’s in part because I have been committed to keeping up with the 30 day yoga challenge. It is day 13 and I have only missed 1 day. I have learned that the only way I can guarantee to make it to the studio is if I go first thing in the morning. Which means getting up at 5:15am to be on time for the 6:00am class. That way I am back home by 7:30 and I can start my day calm and energized, proud that my first win of the day is already accomplished. It sets the tone for the rest of the day. I hit the ground running.

However in order for me to sustainably maintain this habit, I need to get to bed early and I am still in the process of figuring out how to organize my day so that I can get to bed and fall asleep in time. So while I’m figuring that out things like blogging got dropped.

So now I trying getting my blogging done in late afternoon as a change of pace. I grabbed my laptop and headed to a local coffee shop to write this post. This feels kind of nice. It gets me out of the house (where I have my office), get some fresh air (especially if I walk to the coffee shop) and get to be around people. So I might try making this a habit.

Anyway, back to the yoga challenge. It has been going pretty well. I got to try different classes, practiced humility and accepted that I am still in the early part of my journey. For many classes I had to stop around half way through from exhaustion. So I get to rest in child’s pose or do some gentle stretching while the rest of the class continues through increasingly challenging work. But I show up every day and work out until I can’t anymore. Every time I come out I feel great.

After the first week I found out that I dropped one percent body fat. I know its not much, but it is something I have not been able to do for quite a while. Other than the daily exercise, I think what is helping is that I am going to bed before I start getting the munchies. I look forward to see if this will continue trending downward.

I am also finding that my flexibility is improving. My hamstrings are still quite tight but getting better. I am getting closer to touching my toes when I fold forward.

Alright, that’s all for today. Namaste!

Yoga Challenge Day 03

Another 6am class. It was easier to get up this time. It was a Town Mix, which I have done before. It went well. I kept up through most of the class.

Still having difficulty with stability in tree pose, but it's getting better.

I noticed I had more energy throughout the day too.

Tomorrow I have an evening class, but I think I will maintain my morning wake up time. I am hoping to turn this into the new normal.

A Tale Of Two Optimisers

Pro tip from Daniel Jalkut on turning off compiler optimization for debug builds. The short of it is that the Swift compiler has its own separate optimization settings. So to turn off optimization for Swift code, you need to change both the LLVM and Swift Compiler Optimization Levels.

Daniel's article is worth reading for more details and a commendable example of an Apple engineer noticing Daniel's "whining" (his word :-) on Twitter and quickly following up with the solution.

Yoga Challenge Day 02

The first challenge today was to get up in time to be at the 6:00 am class. It was hard to get out of bed, but once I was up I had no trouble getting ready and got to my class even a bit early. (It helped that I had everything packed the night before.)

I had tried a Hip Opening Flow class a few months ago and found it too hard then. I could not keep up with the class and my back hurt after the class. So it’s with some degree of trepidation that I started the class.

It turns out I did much better this time. I was able to keep up through most of the class (I did take a pass on a couple of them near the end). My back did not hurt and I felt really good at the end. The main problem I had was not having enough strength to hold some of the lunges and maintain stability in the tree pose. I can see myself getting past this fairly soon.

So I am feeling pretty good about this so far. Tomorrow is another early class, but I am looking forward to it.